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Our school tours are LEGENDARY! At the courthouse we offer hassle-free school trips that the children will still be talking about next term!

Our Live Tours take the form of a One Man Show in which the class will be arrested and marched down to the cells where they will mingle with different prisoners from years past, bringing history to life. Each child will receive a sentence and be fingerprinted much to the delight of their classmates! Be warned – the kids won’t forget it if the guard decides to handcuff you! “Miss, remember the time you got arrested for sheep stealing?”

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We are experts in providing school tours for primary and secondary schools both in Donegal and across the North-West, so you can relax in the peace of mind that your class will love what we have to offer. We even take the fuss out of lunch! With a restaurant on site, there’s plenty for the kids to enjoy from our kid’s menu, as well as a whole range of Paninis, Wraps, Melts and Main Courses for you. We can also provide a room for the class to stay and eat their own packed lunch. There is a cinema within walking distance, adding another fun element to the day! We’ll even book it for you here to save you any hassle.

  • Great entertainment
  • Delicious food
  • Free resources to build your visit into a project in the classroom
  • With Optional Extras including Cinema Trip, Mugshot & Wanted Poster and Lunch, you’re sure to find a package to suit you!

Prices for 2019: 

Tour €3.50

Tour and Wanted Poster €5.50

Jailbreak €5

Jailbreak and Wanted Poster €7

Lunch + €4.50

Cinema + €3.50

Cinema & Tray + €6

To book a school tour call (00353) 9141733 or email

Testimonials – Some expressive guest book entries from School Tours in 2019!

“Unreal!” “CLASS!” “Best time of my life” “Totes amaze balls :)” “Really fun”

“SO COOL!! :)” “Really creepy & Cool” “Best day ever” “loved it cool!! :)”  “AMAZING”