Mugshot Zone

Our newest addition to the Tour, the Mugshot Zone, provides an area in which our new prisoners can dress up in old-style costume and have their photo taken. Don’t forget to bring a camera! We also offer Wanted Posters (€3 each) for you to take home (or attach to your local lamp post).VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W

Old style Wanted Poster Wanted Poster dead or alive


Contact us on:

+353 74 9141733


First tickets already going out for our Pretty Woman Ladies' Night on September 30th!  Main course, side order, glass of wine and cinema ticket for an exclusive screening of Pretty Woman at Lifford Cinema for just €20.  To purchase a ticket just get in touch! #Lifford #LadiesNight #LiffordOldCourthouse #DonegalEast #HiddenGem #CoolestPlace #PrettyWoman #Film #Strabane #Derry #Tyrone #Omagh
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