The Heist



The Heist A4

The Heist is our new escape room for 2016.  You have been hired by a secretive millionaire to break into a newspaper editor’s office to retrieve some sensitive information, before it can go to print.

With only 60 minutes to break into his safe, can you make it out before the security guard does his nightly rounds?

The Heist is a unique and enjoyable experience for all kinds of groups, from friends to business team-building. If you are looking for a fun group activity that’s different from anything you’ve done before, then this is the activity for you! It’s the new sensation taking the world by storm – DON’T MISS OUT!  If you’ve already attempted our Jailbreak room, you’ll love this!


AVAILABLE NOW – CALL (00353) 74 91 41733 to book your timeslot. Available for groups of 2-6 players. €12 each.  Team of 6 – €60.


When can I play? 

The Heist is available during our regular opening hours of 10.00am – 3.30pm Monday to Friday.  Booking is highly recommended as sometimes the room may already be in use.

During the Summer we run both The Heist & Jailbreak every second Saturday.  Please get in touch for dates and available times.

It is also possible to attempt The Heist outside of these times.  Simply contact us to book a slot.  Booking is essential for out of hours slots and appreciated for regular opening hours.

To book for one of these, or a regular time slot please contact: (00353) 74 91 41733 or email:

How long does it take?

You have 60 minutes to escape the room.  We like to allow 5-10 minutes each side of your attempt to prepare you for the room and talk to you about your experiences afterwards as well as getting a photograph.  We ask you to please arrive on time for your booking as often the room needs to be reset for the next group in.

How hard is it? 

You will find a lot of the challenges involve common sense rather than just intellect. Your group will require team-work and brainpower to escape but you do not need any special ‘skills’ to get out of the room and there are no physical challenges.

Is it fun? 

Of course! The escape room is designed to be entertaining and working against the clock certainly brings out the competitive side of people!

What happens if we get stuck on a puzzle?

Don’t worry! There will be guard on standby with extra clues if you need it (everyone gets 3 lifelines) but remember, part of the fun is trying to get through it and being able to say you didn’t need any!

Are you allowed to bring phones inside? 

You are allowed your phones in with you but please note that selfies, photos or videos are not allowed while in the escape-room so as not to spoil the experience for others. There will however be plenty of opportunity for some photographs at the end with lots of props and signs to let everyone know how well you did!

I’m no good at Math! Will I still be able to play? 

Beyond knowing the basic numbers, you will not need any math skills.

What should I wear?

You can wear whatever you like in our escape room.  It can get a little cold so we wouldn’t recommend speedos etc. but with everything else you should be fine!

What ages can play? 

The game is primarily designed for adults and so we would recommend that only children over 12 play due to the complexity of the puzzles. If there is anyone in the group under 16 then they must be accompanied by someone 18 or over.